Product: PeepSo WC Vendors Addon

PeepSo WC Vendors Addon v1.2.0

= 1.2.0 =
*Fix: Update Admin UI
*Fix: (#62,#66)Fixed add product button missing from the vendor dashboard menu
*Fix: (#65)Fixed active tab is not highlighted on the profile
*Fix: (#67)Fixed warning issue
*Fix: Fixed plugin redirect issue when multi plugins activate at the same time

PeepSo WC Vendors Addon v1.1.0

= 1.1.0 =
* Fix: (#27) Fixed products listing under favorite product tab.
* Fix: (#28) Fixed vendors application form button UI
* Fix: (#29) Fixed favorite product tab display issue
* Fix: (#34) Fixed user menu issue on activity page (customer)
* Fix: (#38) Fixed dashboard tab displaying on profile issue
* Fix: (#43) Fixed Become a vendor tab display issue when any user visit the profile
* Fix: phpcs fixes
* Fix: (#35) Fixed user preferrance settings
* Fix: (#45) Fixed Become a vendor tab issue on customers activity page
* Fix: (#33) Fixed vendor's User menu issue (only on activity page)
* Fix: (#44) Fixed product tab is not displaying on vendors profile when any customer visit the profile
* Fix: (#41) Fixed order tab buttons UI
* Fix: Added customize profile tab label functionality
* Fix: Added WBCOM Admin Wrapper
* Fix: #46 Update Plugin Description
* Fix: #47 Fixed Required plugin issue
* Fix: Fixed Plugin activation issue
* Enhancement: PeepS0 v3.8.2.0 Support.