Product: BuddyPress Stats

BuddyPress Stats v1.4.0

= 1.4.0 =
* Enhancement: Improved UI for single user information and managed fixes (#79).
* Fix: Resolved undefined variable issues to enhance script stability.
* Addition: Introduced group avatar on single user stats for better visual context.
* Update: Added scroll functionality to WP list tables for improved navigation.
* Update: Revised default option settings for system consistency.
* Update: Updated data handling for single user information.
* Enhancement: Managed single users stats information on the details page.
* Update: Fixed column issues in BuddyPress charts for accurate data representation.
* Fix: Enabled dynamic display of charts for flexible data visualization (#82).
* Fix: Addressed PHP warnings to improve code quality (#80).
* Update: Displayed xprofile fields data corresponding to specific xprofile groups.
* Enhancement: Updated CSV functionality and fixed related column issues (#79).
* Enhancement: Refined the single user profile page for enhanced user experience (#79).
* Enhancement: Added new BP xprofile columns for BuddyPress stats (#79).
* Enhancement: Displayed user last login details for better tracking and management (#79).
* Enhancement: Expanded graph report capabilities to include member type, selectbox, checkbox, multiselect box, URL, date box, and radio options (#79).
* Enhancement: Updated activity logs for comprehensive user activity tracking (#79).
* Fix: Fixed an issue where licenses did not deactivate if the response failed, enhancing system reliability.
* Update: General updates to activity logs and system documentation.
* Fix: Corrected a typo in the system for clearer communication (#78).

BuddyPress Stats v1.3.4

= 1.3.4 =
* Added: Title and description
* Fix: Default drop-down should be monthly and table sortable
* Fix: Text domain issue
* Fix: BP v12 fixes
* Fix:  License issue
* Fix: (#64) Deprecated issue

BuddyPress Stats v1.3.0

= 1.3.0 =
* Fix: Set Only Inactive when license key deactivate
* Fix: Fixed Plugin redirect issue when multi plugin activate the same time

BuddyPress Stats v1.2.1

= 1.2.1 =
* Fix: Fixed warning issue
* Fix: Fixed #60 - Fatal error at the time of user registration

BuddyPress Stats v1.2.0

= 1.2.0 =
* Fix: pagination issue
* Fix: #52 - We do not have clear filter option on activity log screen
* Fix: User stats report page
* Fix: #46 - require too high resource for generating dashboard reports
* Fix: #53 - Search with conjunction not working
* Improvement: Added + Icon in Search Filter to the user know to add more filter
* Improvement: replace plus to plus-alt icon class
* Improvement: Fixed input type date issue in activity log and other js related fixes
* Improvement: Managed users stats, activity log filters UI
* Improvement: Search user id with multiple using comma separator
* Improvement: Update Date Picker range functionality in Activity Log
* Improvement: Added Select2 option for the user
* Improvement: Managed user multiple selection field UI