Product: BuddyPress Business Profile

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.4.0

= 1.4.0 =
* Fix: Resolved issue with business description line breaks not working during creation.
* Fix: Displayed business categories in hierarchical form for better organization.
* Fix: Addressed PHP warning to enhance code stability.
* Fix: Ensured search results display correctly when using shortcode.
* Fix: Corrected business description line break issue.
* Fix: Replaced business description textarea with WP editor for better text management.
* Fix: Ensured all businesses are visible on the business listing page.
* Fix: Resolved 404 error on clicking the review tab.
* Fix: Made location filter visible on shortcode.
* Enhancement: Added search filter shortcode for improved search functionality.
* Update: Updated description under manage tabs settings.
* Enhancement: Added business rating structured data for better SEO.
* Enhancement: Added icon for taxonomy filter tab.
* Update: Improved pagination UI with BB theme.
* Fix: Resolved review-related issue.
* Fix: Addressed string translation issue for better localization support.
* Update: Aligned loader icon properly for a polished look.

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.3.1

= 1.3.1 =
* Fix: Checked Logged-in user and Business creator IDs both are same then return true.
* Fix: Fatal error with BuddyBoss platform.
* Fix: Business groups display on directory and admin listing.
* Fix: (#199) PHP deprecated issue.

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.3.0

= 1.3.0 =
* Cleanup: Removed unnecessary code for better performance.
* Fix: Resolved save button reloading issue and addressed PHP warnings (#197, #198).
* Fix: Fixed license deactivation failure when response fails.
* Fix: Corrected toggle options to ensure consistency (#191).
* Fix: Addressed slug changes causing issues on the business page (#195).
* Fix: Resolved deprecated code problems (#186).
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the business team widget not functioning correctly (#190).
* Fix: Addressed recurring 'Page not found' error upon plugin reactivation (#182).
* Fix: Resolved problems on the business profile page (#187).
* Enhancement: Improved UI for 'search by location' filter and added related functionality (#148).
* Enhancement: Supported multiple taxonomy filters on business directories (#115).
* Fix: Addressed visibility issues with job listings (#183).
* Fix: Resolved client site issues affecting usability (#185).
* Update: Enhanced CSS for business profiles and various business directory UI components (#184).
* Update: Enhanced the 'submit review' button UI.
* Enhancement: Updated business listings hours UI and managed visibility of hours widget (#169).
* Fix: Fixed and managed various aspects of business hours settings (#169).
* Fix: Corrected timezone error and updated text domain and social media icons.
* Enhancement: Set the default site timezone when not specified during business hours.
* Enhancement: Added dynamic display of 'Open Now' based on set opening hours (#169).
* Fix: Resolved an issue where text changes in the activity stream did not reflect user selection (#146).
* Fix: Addressed map display issues to ensure proper map functionality (#180).

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.2.8

= 1.2.8 =
* Fix: Removed unnecessary permalink flush to improve URL management and performance.
* Enhancement: (#176) Added Custom Post Type (CPT) business capabilities to enhance business-related features.
* Enhancement: Description box for the media popup was added to improve media management.
* Fix: Fixed#173 – Ensured media tab is visible in logged-out mode and provided an option.
* Fix: Fixed#127 – Resolved issues with media comments not functioning as expected.
* Fix: Fixed#172 – Addressed problems with BuddyBoss Media integration.
* Fix: Fixed#171 – Resolved issues with the Map “Get Directions” feature for better navigation.
* Enhancement: (#172) Improved media handling in the business profile media tab with BuddyBoss.
* Localization: Added or updated French translation files to enhance support for French-speaking users.
* Enhancement: (#104) Added functionality to show team descriptions for better representation.
* UI Update: Updated the top banner and its links for a refreshed website appearance.
* Fix: (#165) Corrected a typo in a notice to improve clarity and professionalism.
* Maintenance: Prepared the changelog for upcoming release documentation.

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.2.6

= 1.2.6 =
Fix: (#161)Fixed jobs tab does not appear
Fix: WPCS fixes
Fix: Fixed no unwanted commas when some parts of the address are empty
Fix: Fixed display business avatar and alt text of business name

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.2.5

= 1.2.5 =
* Fix: Added support for postcode
* Fix: All admins can also edit the setting
* Fix: (#162) Extra comma on the address field

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.2.4

= 1.2.4 =
* Fix: Profile reload and CSS issue
* Fix: (#149,#153)Warning and issue with PHP8.2
* Fix: Text domain issue
* Fix: BP v12 fixes
* Fix: License issue

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.2.3

= 1.2.3 =
* Fix: (#150) Fatal error on the Business tab
* Fix: (#449) Conflict with BP Profile
* Fix: About widget issue when all contact fields are empty
* Fix: Display address fields issue
* Added: Hookable position

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.2.2

= 1.2.2 =
* Fix: (#142) Warning
* Fix: (#144) Wrong header menu highlighted
* Fix: (#133) Two messages inside the profile
* Fix: Business activity avatar size
* Fix: (#143) BuddyBoss non followers can not see media
* Fix: (#139) Address field issue
* Fix: (#118) Submit business form not accessible for logout
* Fix: (#142) PHP warning
* Fix: Issue with an avatar if option selected as business
* Added: (#138) Link to create business in member profile business tab
* Added: (#137) Post as admin option
* Added: (#136) Template for business category archive

BuddyPress Business Profile v1.2.1

= 1.2.1 =
* Fix: Fixed bb link preview not working
* Fix: Fixed followers are not able to view any activity if bb is relevant
* Fix: Fixed all buddy boss media shows on single business