WordPress is undoubtedly the first name that comes to your mind whenever you think of creating a blog or website. Offering unique platforms like wordpress.org, wordpress.com and WordPress VIP, WordPress has specific products for specific services. This is the reason why there is hardly any online niche left where WordPress is not there. 

Out of these incredible platforms, everybody knows about wordpress.com and wordpress.org. However, WordPress VIP seems to be the confusing one for most of you. Hence, to clear this confusion here is everything that you need to know about the powerful enterprise platform called WordPress VIP. Let’s begin by understanding what it actually is.

What Is WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP

Ideal for enterprise and large-scale sites. It, is a robust high-end managed WordPress hosting platform. A complete managed WordPress cloud platform, it allows you to enjoy unparalleled scalability, security, flexibility, and performance. Being the most exclusive WordPress service, it may cost you more but it offers end-to-end guidance and support from the first steps of your site to forever.

In other words, if you are a big enterprise looking for a hassle-free experience for the development of your enterprise site, this is the fastest and the most secure service you will get on the internet.

Do You Need WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP
WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP follows strict coding processes and standards. This is because it has been designed to handle heavy site traffic at all times smoothly. It offers unlimited storage, bandwidth, CDN, and dedicated support which are needed for unbeaten performance, security and effective functionality. However, you get all this at a price range of $5,000 to $25000 setup fee per-site.

All the points mentioned above imply that the managed WordPress hosting service is suited only for big enterprises and large-scale websites. Hence, if you are planning to run a site with millions of monthly page views, WordPress VIP will be your perfect companion.

Are Any Big Brands Using WordPress VIP?

Yes, there are many big brands that are using WordPress VIP. Some of them are:

  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • VentureBeat
  • USA Today
  • TED
  • CNN

    WordPress Clients
    WordPress Clients

To know about more brands that use WordPress VIP, you can read these case studies of big brands telling you how WordPress VIP has affected their business capabilities and user engagement.

Is WordPress VIP The Best Enterprise Hosting Service?

WordPress VIP has established its name in the market over the last few years and is certainly the first choice for many big enterprises and high-end websites. Apart from ensuring smooth management of a mission-critical, high traffic content-rich website, some major features that make this unique enterprise platform the best in the market are:

Run Your Own Development Team

Being the best-managed WordPress hosting service, WordPress VIP offers you some of the most essential and incredible features. Some of these astonishing features are:  

  • Automatic Hourly Backups
  • Advanced High-Level Security and Scanning
  • Automatically Installed Updates
  • Third-party Plugins and Customs Code Verification
  • Regular Performance Monitoring and Uptime
  • Extensive Traffic Management With Automatic Scaling

These features will definitely make you feel as if you are running your own development team. What’s better is that it involves no site downtime from your side at all.

Strategize And Get Trained

The best thing about WordPress VIP is that their team gets involved from the planning and strategizing phase of your site itself. This helps them to understand what you need and want and makes it easier for you to make better decisions. After this, this team helps you to finalize the site design and WordPress plugins to be used for your site.

This team also reviews all third-party themes, plugins and custom code to be used on your site. This helps them to analyze if you are using high-quality products for coding compatibility and security.

Not only this but the WordPress VIP team also trains your development, administration and editorial teams about the VIP platform, security, and performance. This helps your team to be aware of the things used on your site and manage your resources effectively.

Optimized Performance

The powerful WordPress VIP platform has a strong network of around 20 data centers around the world. This is the main reason for its stability and unrivaled speed. It also helps your site to deliver an optimized performance by achieving the best time-to-first byte and latency

In simple words, WordPress VIP takes complete care of your site optimization and enables you to forget all technical distractions like caching, plugins, code optimization or CDN service and focus on content and resource management.

Unbreakable Security

Unethical hackers are always looking for opportunities to take advantage of your site’s inefficiency. Hence, security is one of the major concerns for big enterprises and heavy sites. Though, with WordPress VIP, security issues are no longer a concern for your site.

Equipped with a custom-built infrastructure and following WordPress security norms, it blocks and protects your site against all harmful forces and other malicious attacks. Be tension free of your site security with WordPress VIP as even your site traffic is encrypted from edge to origin leaving no stones unturned.

Some of the options that you can consider in place of WordPress VIP are WP Engine, Liquid Web and SiteGround. However, we would recommend you to go with WordPress VIP as currently, it is the most stable and well-supported managed WordPress hosting platform around the globe.

Note that VIP is ideal only for big enterprises and heavy sites with huge spikes in site traffic. Hence, if you are a small or medium enterprise it will be better to research and hire the best development agency that can guarantee you the above services at appropriate costs.


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