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Getting your WordPress questions answered can be tough, not to mention time-consuming. You want to ask a friend who knows WordPress but doesn’t want to waste their time with a silly question. Maybe you decide to reach out to developers, but they just tell you they can do it for a price. Today in this article we are going to discuss best WordPress help forums-


Quora isn’t a WordPress-specific forum, but it’s packed full of super helpful WordPress knowledge. There are a ton of great developers, agency owners, digital marketers, growth hackers and WordPress gurus who spend hours a day answering questions, so it’s a terrific place for WordPress beginners to get a few answers.

Create An Account

You can create an account with your Google account, Facebook account or an email address/password.


Complete Your Profile

Be sure to complete your profile! This will show Quora WordPress experts that you’re a real person and worth putting together a good answer for.

Choose a good profile picture!


Ask A Question

Type your question into the bar on top of the page and click Submit Question. You can choose to submit your question anonymously or link it to your personal profile – it’s up to you.

WordPress help forums

Request Answers From WordPress Experts

Click Request and invite people with the experience you’re looking for to answer your question. Find and invite the best you find, or everyone qualified to provide an answer.

WordPress help forums

I answer a ton of questions on Quora, so maybe I’ll get to yours!

Wait For An Answer

If you invite the right Quora WordPress experts to answer your question, you’ll get a host of answers within 24 hours (or at least be pointed towards a helpful resource).

WordPress help forums

Bonus: Review Previously-Asked Questions

Maybe previous questions and answers will give you the information you need! There’s a wealth of knowledge in the WordPress forum, so give the previous content a review to find some relevant content.

If you type WordPress into the search bar, various WordPress categories will populate for you.




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