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The cinematography came into existence in 2011, when two photographers, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, used this technique for the first time to animate their news and fashion pictures. This technique uses a series of images or videos to create the illusion of movement in a still photograph. The object(s) in focus moves repeatedly in a loop, while the rest of it remains stationary. The popular form of this file format is Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), but other types are also used. The six resources discussed below are among the best for finding beautiful cinematography for the web.

Tools for Locating Attractive Cinemagraphs Website

There are some Tools for Locating an Attractive Cinemagraph website 

1. Reddit Cinemagraphs

Reddit has over 234mollion unique members with an almost daily addition to the community. This massive worldwide community is a great place to look for beautiful images of this type. The /r/Cinemagraphs subreddit community with more than 140,000 subscribers is a treasure trove of such creations. The various works of the creators working with this technique are uploaded here for review and comments, creating a huge collection of high-quality images. The archives of this section are also filled with older uploads; you may search through thousands of images across categories and types here.

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This website is launched by the creators of this technique themselves. Ms. J. Beck and Mr. K. Burg offer their expertise through this portal. You may consider this website as a single-point solution for anything related to cinematography. There is an abundance of beautiful applications of the technique on this website. A large number of photographs are uploaded here related to fashion, lifestyle, and travel photography, the preferred work fields of Ms. J. Beck and Mr. K. Burg.

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3. Instagram

This popular mobile app has a hashtag #cinemagraph, where you can find about 62,000 uploads of this nature. The popularity of this platform provides newer additions to this collection almost daily. You can browse here to find beautiful, creative and funny creations in this genre, which may be the creations of casual or professional members of the community.

4. Flixel

Flixel allows you to create a Cinemagraphs website for Mac Operating System. This photo editor is quite user-friendly and easy to use. Flixel also has a huge collection of photographs that can be sorted by category and date of upload. If you are looking for some creative examples or inspiration for creating your own Cinemagraphs website, the Cinemagraphs website is an automatic inclusion in your search list.

5. Giphy

This search engine is a great tool for finding GIF-based images in this category. A typical search here shows about 9,500 results. The advantage of using this search engine is you will be able to see photos in GIF formats only, as opposed to different types of file formats found on other sites. If you are looking for GIF Cinemagraphs, this search engine is the right tool for you.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr has a huge collection of images of this type and is very popular among enthusiasts and professionals alike. The search results show the live images themselves on the screen, thus you can easily shift and sort through them. You can do a general search or use category or word filters and see the resulting photos on your screen live.

So, the Cinemagraph images are now within your reach by the use of the resources described above. Whether you are just curious about the technique or a professional, these tools will help you to find the perfect pictures.

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