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Yes! You must know the reasons why your WordPress blog post is not ready to publish. Whether you post your blog weekly or daily it is necessary for you to know these careful steps. Did know where you are lacking behind when it comes to publishing your blog post? But…. wait still something you are missing out… Let’s check out on this blog what mindful steps you need to know before publishing your blog post-

Is your Bolg post is not ready to publish?

Let’s Dive in-

Always check spelling and Grammar

This is an essential point you need to know before publishing your blog post. If you publish your blog without checking any grammar or spelling readers will surely make a joke of you.

So when you think it’s ready to go, then only publish your blog. But .. always read it once or twice. You’ll be surprised the things you may have missed. And as you may have experienced, spell check won’t catch all of them. So, if you not checking grammar in your blog post, today only check all your blogs and update them.

Check your links properly

Have you checked your links to your blogs? Did you know one small error can ruin your hyperlink and send your readers off to the land of 404-page-not-found? And trust me this can be hazardous to you. You can preview your post and click on the links or simply click on the linked text and then on the URL itself. And if you are linking internally, best to always find it via the search when hyperlinking or the blogs related to the title. That will assure a perfect link. How you find it? Set all your links today.

Check the Photo quality of your blogs

Are Photos of your blog is too big or too small? Always watch the first time you preview your post. Is that photo loading like a curtain slowly being pulled down? Too big photos on your blog can slow the speed of blog.  If so, you may consider optimizing the original image and uploading it again to your post or use a plugin or service that will optimize your images.

Always necessary to add alt text to your blog photos

Have you added alt text to your images? When you uploaded the image, did you fill in the “Alternate text” This is the place to put in a few friendly keywords for the image to help you with your SEO? To make your blog SEO-friendly it is necessary for you to add alt text in all your images.

Check whether your post is ready for theme or site function

This is a common one. Your theme may pull in recent posts to a part of your homepage by category. So did you check that category? Or maybe your theme only shows thumbnails by inserting an image into the featured image option. Did you do that? Or lastly, maybe you created your blog page out of a category, so the only way it is ensured to show up on your site is if it is assigned to that category. This is only a few examples. Know and understand how your site is presenting the content.

Check your blog Permalink

Is your blog Permalink is incorrect? When you create the title of your post, depending on how you have your permalink set, the URL for that post becomes But sometimes you might want to change the permalink to something shorter.

To make your blog post SEO friendly you Or you need to to take out the stop words, like “the”, “and”, etc. Before publishing your post is the best time to do it. If you do it later, after your post goes out, any inbound link to that post is broken. And if you need to do it afterward, you will need to create a redirect. Yoast SEO will do that for you automatically so you won’t forget.

Always add Categories & Tags in your blog

Categories and tags are the very important section you shouldn’t ignore. A lot of people ignore this section, you should not do the same. Add proper categories and tags section of your blog post. It is best to add one category only but if you want to add more you can. If you are not sure what to add in categories, you can add your keywords as categories. Just below the category section, you will find the tag section, you can add your title as the tag. Multiple tags are allowed but try to add maximum 5 tags as it doesn’t look like a spam.

Get set Publish

Now with considering all these points, you are all set to publish your blog post. I hope you liked my article trust me! This seven fruitful advice will help you to get your blog post ready for the world. For any query feel free to comment below section. Share your feedback. Keep rocking and have a nice day ahead.


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