BuddyPress Check-ins Pro v1.1.0

= 1.1.0 =
* Improvement: Added movable marker of osm
* Improvement: Update functionality of movable marker for open street map
* Improvement: Added movable marker functionality for google map
* Fix: (#43)Fixed hide multiple address fields for open street map
* Fix: (#42)Fixed group location is not showing on map and removed unused fiels
* Improvement: (#48, #49) Managed member and group directory search UI
* Improvement: (#50, #51) Managed location icon position with buddyboss
* Improvement: (#47) Added message on location save and error on save
* Improvement: (#52) Managed activity form check-in icon UI with buddyboss
* Fix: (#41)Fixed remove group name from the search box on click on clear button
* Fix: (#36)Fixed group location proximity search
* Improvement: Manage map icon with buddyboss
* Improvement: Manage checkin icon and panel position and priority
* Fix: Added Embed activity format support
* Improvement: Hide Quotes section when clicking on Checkin icon

Allow community members and groups to post updates along with selecting their current location.
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