May 27, 2019
Website Speed Test Tools

Most Popular Website Speed Test Tools (2019)

For any successful website, speed is the critical factor. Any faster loading website will give you higher SEO ranking, lower bounce rate, higher conversion rates, […]
June 19, 2018
Copy of Editorial Workflow Management

Reduce Page Load Time To Optimize Your Site

A website that opens in a jiffy is loved by one and all. Especially, in this world that is way too impatient, a super slow site would be a nothing short of a disaster. WordPress was supposed to be pretty quick but due to new plugins, image content etc., even it has become a bit slower.
March 8, 2018
7 Steps to Fasten Your Slow WordPress Website

7 Steps to Fasten Your Slow WordPress Website

Numerous posts on the web, talk about speeding up Slow WordPress websites all with same age-old advice. But there are some facts that they all hide. Before blaming your WordPress for slow loading, you should verify other aspects as well.