May 1, 2017
Website Typography

Some Pointers for Creating a Perfect Website Typography

All your efforts of creating an attractive website are centered on making the viewer comfortable while browsing your content. While fast load times and great visual images are important areas requiring attention for great website presentation, the textual contents occupy about 90 percent of your total content. In simpler terms, the choice, quality and the number of different fonts play an important part in making a website popular among the viewers.… Read the rest
January 5, 2017

Choose the Perfect Font for Your Next Project

Do you think the way in which news are published would be as same as the style of writing a fashion blog, or a project? Absolutely NO! Different fonts, different styles flaunt different moods. Choosing the perfect font for a project is almost similar to choosing the perfect outfit for an occasion! Here a few persuasive tips have been jotted down to choose the perfect font your next project.… Read the rest