BuddyPress invite anyone

BuddyPress Invite Anyone by boonebgorges and cuny-academic-commons for BuddyPress makes BuddyPress’s invitation features more powerful, it has two components:

The ability to invite members to the site by email. The plugin creates a tab on each member’s Profile page called “Send Invites”, which contains a form where users can invite outsiders to join the site. There is a field for a custom message. Also, inviters can optionally select any number of their groups, and when the invitee accepts the invitation he or she automatically receive invitations to join those groups.

The email invitation part of the plugin is customizable by the BP administrator, via Dashboard > BuddyPress > Invite Anyone.

2 By default, BuddyPress only allows group admins to invite their friends to groups. In some communities, you might want members to be able to invite non-friends to groups as well. This plugin allows you to do so, by populating the invitation checklist with the entire membership of the site, rather than just a friend list.

BuddyPress Invite Anyone Functionality

BuddyPress Invite Anyone makes it possible for members to invite other people to join your site. The plugin creates a “send invites” tab on the member’s profile page. There is a field for a custom message that they can send their friends. Members can also pre-select groups when they send the invitation and when the person they sent it too becomes a member, they are also automatically invited to join these pre-selected groups.

Invite Anyone also allows group members to invite any site user to their group, not just their friends, but any member of the site. This is especially helpful since, by default, only group admins can invite people to join groups.





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