BuddyPress messaging control plugin is perfect plugin to control BuddyPress Messaging with the help of some simple settings. This BP messaging control plugin is designed in this way where you will get all the options to control both private and public messages.

This BP plugin is an ideal for monetizing or differentiating messaging as part of your BuddyPress site. With the help of this plugin you will get good control over internal spam. It allows to set per role quota and maximum size of the message.

Based on every role it is possible for you to disable or set limits on messaging. Here you can set general restrictions settings to private and public messages as per role.

buddypress messaging control
Buddypress message control – plugin  page setting 1

Private MessagingBuddyPress Messaging Control Review WordPress Plugin

Under the private messaging controlling  restrictions when you click the dropdown arrow you will see some options that are:

Messaging disabled– The admin bar and message tab option will be removed . No access of messaging because of this role.

Messaging quota– One to unlimited number of emails per day, week or month.

Message site admin only– The role can only message to web page admin.

Message Character Restriction– Enforce maximum number of characters per conversation ranging from 100 to unlimited character.

Freely message all site users– The role can message to all site members.

Notification Email length restrictions–  It allows you to show only starting few words of the messages thus user go to site to view complete message.

Reply only to other site users– In this the role can only message user who have in past sent them a message. The messages of admin is excluded from this limitation.

buddypress messaging control
plugin page setting-2

Public MessagingBuddyPress Messaging Control Review WordPress Plugin

Like private messaging, under this public messaging controlling restrictions when you click the dropdown arrow you will see some options again starting with symbol @. That are

@Mention all- The purpose of this role has to unrestricted access to pubic messaging.

@Mention admin only- The function can only public message site admin.

@Mentions disabled- For this role there no access to public messaging.

@Mention as reply only- The role can only sent public message users who have already sent them a public message in past.

User Message Token Size Limit

This is useful to stop showing complete message in the notification means the only notification will sent to user and to read entire users will need to go to site.

BP Messaging Control Front end

bp messaging control

For admin, there is not any restrictions . He can message to anyone . If admin go to compose section under the messages. He can see the clear message written over there that you have not unrestricted message length that means admin is excluded from any limitations.

buddypress message control bp plugin

Now, According to above image we have restricted settings to reply only from plugin setting. So after this setting you can message to users who have already sent you a message in past only.

Buddypress message control plugin

In the above image, we have applied multiple restrictions from plugin setting. In this, we have restricted messages to reply to other site users only. We have also applied weekly restrictions for messages up to 25 so maximum you can send 25 overall messages to others per week. Also we have applied restrictions to character length under the  private message character length restrictions from plugin setting maximum up to 400 characters.

The above mentioned screenshot showing the front end interface of this BuddyPress messaging control plugin for some settings. In this way you can check and control all messaging restrictions option available of this plugin from plugin setting and whatever restrictions applied by you from plugin setting the same message will reflect just above the message box in front end. Also above screenshots added for the same. This plugin is best compatible with Reign BuddyPress theme and it looks great with this theme.

So this is all about BP messaging control plugin. In addition, if you want more security to your BuddyPress community profile , then there is plugin available for that which is known by name BuddyPress Private Community Pro. This plugin provide extra security to your profile. If you are using this plugin then no other user can view your profile or any other important details until he is logged in from his account.


So this is all about BuddyPress message control. We highly recommend you to use BuddyPress Messaging Control Plugin because it offers you many important features and controls all areas of BP private and public messages.

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