BuddyPress Message Attachment Plugin Review

Message Attachments are a very nifty and important tool to keep sending data one to another privately. These attachments allow you to upload specific file types to send to other people. Nowadays, every mailing service and social networking sites provide this feature. WordPress has endless possibilities and so does BuddyPress. BuddyPress doesn’t have this attachment feature. But thanks to BuddyPress Message Attachment plugin.

BuddyPress Message Attachment plugin will add the “Choose File” option while composing a new message to send. The file types which are allowed to be attached can be selected from the backend very easily.

BuddyPress Message Attachment In-Depth Review

Message Attachment Plugin Settings

The plugin has some options using which you can set some rules for attachments. Following are the settings:

File Types

Here, you can check which file types you want to be allowed to attach. The list of all the file types available by the plugin are:

  • bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png
  • doc, docx, ods, pdf, ppt, text, xls, xlsx
  • 7z, gz, rar, zip
  • amr, m4a, mp2, mp3, wav, wma
  • mp4

Maximum Size

Assign the maximum size for the uploads. It accepts integer values.


You can load custom CSS and override the styles of this plugin by checking this option.

msg attachment

Messages with Attachments – Front-end

Users will be able to start attaching files into their message from Your Profile > Messages > Compose. Apart from this, If you want  to show all the activities whether it is your friend, members, groups and favourites in single place just like Facebook you can use BuddyPress Newsfeed plugin . You can easily use these plugin together.

BuddyPress Message Attachment


Admins can very easily add the feature of attaching files for their community members in messages. Share your thoughts about the plugin in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading!

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