The Internet is a network of networks with a collection of a huge range of websites. Some types of websites such as social networking, communities, forums, blogging, and e-learning are the most popular and common websites. One of them is a type of private community where the admin wants their members to access the site’s content only after registration. The Guest users will only be able to see the Registration page and cannot access other pages of the community.

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BuddyPress Members Only plugin is one of the best BuddyPress plugins that allows doing this very easily. WordPress makes it very easy to create any type of website within just a few clicks. BuddyPress Members Only plugin is free in the WordPress market but a pro version is also available which offers more features for your BuddyPress social network.

Features of BuddyPress Members Only

  1. BuddyPress Login Redirects
  2. Lock the BuddyPress community entirely
  3. Protect BuddyPress pages only
  4. Page-Level Protection
  5. Restrict Custom Post Types
  6. Hide WordPress Login Link
  7. Knowledge Base for Plugin Support/Documentation

Features of BuddyPress Members Only Pro

  1. Restrict BuddyPress Standard Components
  2. Restrict BuddyPress Customized Components
  3. Menu Visibility Control
  4. Approve Users
  5. Login/Logout Redirect based on User Roles
  6. Restricts Site RSS Feed
  7. Access Control for BuddyPress Site

BuddyPress Members Only In-Depth Review

1. BuddyPress Members Only Components

You can access BuddyPress Members Only components settings from wp-admin > BuddyPress Members Only > BuddyPress Members Only

BuddyPress Members Only Components

  • Register Page URL

This option needs a specific page URL to redirect Non-Logged members to this page. In other words, when a guest user tries to visit any BuddyPress pages then he/she will be redirected to this page. It can be your registration page or any other page.

Register Page URL
Register Page URL

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  • Opened Page URL

The Page URLs specified in this option will be the pages that guest users will be able to access and they will not be redirected to the Register Page URL.

Opened Page URL

  • Redirect Logged in Users to

This setting allows selecting a page from the drop-down and redirecting the registered users to that page every time after a successful login.

Redirect Logged in Users to
Redirect Logged in Users to
Redirect Logged in Users to
Redirect Logged in Users to

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  • Only Protect My BuddyPress Pages

As the name suggests, if you check this option then the plugin will provide redirection protection to only BuddyPress pages, otherwise, it will lock the website completely. But the Homepage, Login, Register, and Forgot Password pages will still be accessible.

Only Protect My BuddyPress Pages
Only Protect My BuddyPress Pages
  • Temporarily Turn Off All Features

Enabling this option will temporarily disable all of the features of the BuddyPress Members Only plugin.

Temporarily Turn Off All Features
Temporarily Turn Off All Features

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  • Enable Page Level Protect

You can also allow guests to access particular pages. Allowing this option will display a protection meta box named “Members Only for this page?”

Enable Page Level Protect
Enable Page Level Protect

Add Title

  • Custom / Hide WordPress Login link

You can also change the predefined WordPress login link to your preferred URL. Just specify the slug for the URL and you are done.

Hide WordPress Login link

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2. Restrict Post Types

BuddyPress Members Only plugin also offers you to restrict custom post types for guests as well. Restrict Custom Post types settings can be accessible from wp-admin > Buddypress Members Only > Restrict Custom Post Types.

By default, Every custom post type will be restricted when the plugin is activated but you can select easily which custom post type should be open for guests.

Restrict Post Types
Restrict Post Types

Restrict Post Types

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3. Knowledge Base

You can find the Knowledge Base section in wp-admin > BuddyPress Members Only > Knowledge Base. Here you will get the answers to all of your questions regarding this plugin. It gives you information about every component of this plugin. Furthermore, you can also submit a support ticket online to get help from the developers.

Knowledge Base

Wrapping Up

In the end, we would like to say that, this plugin is worth giving a try if you want a private BuddyPress community. It just extends all of the private community features very elegantly and with its pro version, it’s definitely a steal.

This plugin has over 2000+ Active Installations and its premium version is available at a very affordable price. If you have any questions then you can ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading!

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