Reign Knowledge Base

Getting Started 7

How to Install Reign Theme

How to install child theme

How I can get child theme

Which plugins are mandatory for Reign

Who should use REIGN theme?

REIGN Demo Data Installation

Can I Log In To Buddypress Site?

Troubleshooting 2

Theme Installation Errors

Increasing the WordPress Memory Limit

Topbar FAQ 3

How to configure default TopBar

Configure Topbar with Elementor

How to change separator of topbar?

Header Styling 13

Configure Header Layout

Configure Header Menu Color & Font Style

Configure Sub Menu Style

Configure Sticky Menu

Add Logo at Header

Configure Menu

Configure Sub Header

Single cart icon

Setup Header with product search

Display register and login icon at header

Default header styling

Configure header with Elementor

How Do I Remove The WordPress Bar At The Top Of The Page When Members Login On BuddyPress?

Mobile Panel Settings 3

Mobile Panel Setting

First Mobile panel

Second Mobile Panel

Theme Styling 11

Configure Color Scheme

Set Background Image

Blog Styling

Configure the style of website single pages

Configure Widgets

Homepage Settings

WordPress Login Screen

Additional CSS

How to set Favicon, Site Title and Tagline for the website?

Change Typography

Layout Settings

Additional Settings 3

Creating custom login, register and 404 pages

Where to write custom codes

Member and Group Widget

BuddyPress Configuration 6

Avatar Setting

Advanced Settings

Default Group Cover Image

Default Profile Cover Image

Social Media Links

BP Layout Management

BuddyPress Nouveau Options 7

General BP Settings

Group Front Page

Member Front Page

Group Navigation

Member Navigation

Loop layouts

Directory Layouts

BuddyPress 97

BuddyPress Plugin Features

How to install BuddyPress

How to add BuddyPress Links for Navigation

How to setup BuddyPress

How many users BuddyPress can support

Server requirements for BuddyPress

How to edit profile

How to delete account

How to invite users

How to send message

What are accepted parameters for activity shortcodes?

Does Divi Work With Buddypress

How Can I Make My Buddypress Site Members Only?

Can BuddyPress And bbpress Work Together On A Wp Site?

Does the Ultimate Membership Pro Work With Buddypress?

Do You Use Buddypress and Multisite Together?

Does Buddypress Profile Work With bbpress

Does Avada Theme Support Buddypress?

Do Users Have to Sign Up for bbpress and Buddypress?

How Do I Redirect Where Members Go After Logging in on Buddypress?

Does Buddypress Have a Badges?

How Do I Get BuddyPress Pages on My Front End?

How Do I Make My Register Page The First Page Members See Buddypress?

Does Wpforo Work With BuddyPress?

Does Buddypress Work With Woocommerce

Can I Link BuddyPress With Phpfox?

Does Buddypress Work With Socially Viral?

Do People Still Use Buddypress 2018?

Do I Need Buddypress?

How Can I Connect My BuddyPress Extended Profile to My Page?

How Do I Setup All Users On Buddypress?

How Can Buddypress Users Post Links?

Does Elementor Theme Work With Buddypress?

Do I Need to Have WordPress Installed to Use Buddypress?

Does BuddyPress Have a Forum?

Do I Have to Enable Multisite to Use Buddypress?

Does Buddypress Have Member Directory?

How Do I Put A Buddypress Login On A Page?

Do I Need a Live Chat Plugin Along With Buddypress?

Can You Create Buddypress Without WordPress?

Can I Install Buddypress to My Blog?

Do Upstream and Buddypress Work Together?

Do Any Elegant Themes Layouts Work With Buddypress?

buddypress allow users to post items for sale?

Can BuddyPress Users Post Posts?

Can Users On Buddypress Publish Content On The Site?

Does Buddyforms Require Buddypress?

Does Restrict Content Pro Integrate With Buddypress?

Do I Install Bbpress if Have Buddypress?

Can Admins See Private Messages By Buddypress?

Can You Modify Html Php on Buddypress?

How Do I Style Buddypress Pages?

Can BuddyPress Users Post Photos On Their Profile?

Can Admin Add Users To Buddypress Groups?

Do I Need Buddypress to Use Youzer?

Does the Buddypress Plugin Work With the Hueman Theme?

Hashtag Support BuddyPress?

Can I Create Custom Tabs On BuddyPress?

Can I Use Buddypress With Woocommerce Shop?

Can Members Post Images To Buddypress Account

Does Buddypress Have a Built in Premium User?

Can Nextgen Be Used With Buddypress?

Does Buddyboss Use Buddypress?

buddypress dofollow links?

Does Accesspress Parallax Work With BuddyPress?

Can You Have A Separate Theme For Buddypress?

Buddypress Compatible Divi Theme And Upstream Plugin?

How Do I Style BuddyPress Group Pages?

Can Divi Be Used With Buddypress And Bbpress?

How Do I Remove The WordPress Bar At The Top Of The Page When Members Login On BuddyPress?

Can I Log In To Buddypress Site?

How Do You Change the Avatar Pic Size in BuddyPress?

Can BuddyPress Users Delete Their Own Profile?

How Buddypress Xprofiles Work?

Do Buddypress And Avada Work Together

Can I Use Bbpress Inside of Buddypress?

How Do I Create A Group In BuddyPress?

How Do I Assign Users To BuddyPress Groups?

advanced post editor for buddypress users?

Does Divi Builder Work With Buddypress Pages?

Did Not Get Buddypress Options In Menu

Can I Use WPforo Instead Of Buddypress?

How Can Use Elementor to Style Buddypress Pages?

Does Buddypress Have Verified User Status?

Buddypress How To View All Members Of Your Group?

How To See People Who Have Liked Picture In Buddypress

Can I Add GPS to Location to Buddypress?

How To Follow Buddypress Members

are BuddyPress updates web pages

What Gets Indexed In Buddypress

Who Viewed My Profile BuddyPress

Where Does Buddypress Store Member Info

How To Show Friends Activity On Buddypress Profile Feed

How To Add A Field In Buddypress User Profile

How to Add Pagination in BuddyPress Users Listing?

Which theme is good for buddypress that is free

Does BuddyPress Work With Divi Theme

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