How to Use Live Streaming

Honeycommb initially began its journey as a traditional company but over the last few years, we have become an extremely popular organization. We are also a remote-first team where our employees work from their homes. We know that there are a lot of pros and cons in remote working but the most important thing is to maintain proper communication with the team members. 

At Honeycommb, we like to use what we have created ourselves. In this way, we continue to improve our platform all the time. This also helps us to understand what exactly is best for our candidates. We run weekly livestreams where the entire team is updated regarding the current happenings of the company. During the live streaming process, the entire team can participate in a real-time environment and ask their questions to one another.

Because of the recent pandemic situation, there has been a massive change in the way workplaces function. Most of the people are being forced to work from their homes. Teams that used to interact with each other in person are having to talk to each other over video calls or other forms of technology. In-person events have transformed into virtual gatherings. Fitness centers and gyms are also being shut down. The trainers are trying to share their meal plans and workout routine through video calls. Every industry has changed considerably because of the pandemic situation.

So ,let us look at some of the ways by which a few of our partners are using live video content to keep their business activities running even during the global pandemic:

1. The Duomo Initiative:

The Honeycommb community members participate in the Duomo initiative so that they are better trained in understanding the financial market. Everything is taught in a real-time environment. Our live stream classes have proved themselves to be a far better method of learning than traditional online courses. The members are able to understand the topics in a better way. They are also able to clear their doubts during the live session.

We organise 2-3 live sessions every week inside our community. Our community members will get to know when exactly the live session will take place. A final session is also conducted at the end of the week where the members get to discuss all their queries. We also show our gratitude towards our members for being a part of our course and for providing us with their valuable suggestions

2. Zaazu:

We are a team of members who are absolutely in love with Disney. We have created a special kind of bond for that place. However, because of the covid-19 situation, the amazing parks across the world have been shut down. We are physically missing the pleasure of visiting those amusement parks and recreating ourselves. That is why we have gone live and we have helped to bring all our Disney lovers together by creating that happiness which we miss from the amusement parks.

3. MC Purpose:

We also have a teaching platform where we teach individuals to lead a better lifestyle. What we love the most about live streaming is that we are able to discuss all our issues in a real-time environment. This makes our membership program extremely popular. We are able to build a strong community and remain connected with each other all the time.

Let us have a look at some of the ways by which Honeycommb partners have taken the advantage of life streaming:

4. Create a consistent schedule to live stream:

Once you have designed your schedule, you will be able to let your audience know when exactly they should join the meeting so that they can interact with one another. You can pick a particular day of the week and create live streaming classes on the same day every week. This will help your audience to develop a habit and they will join your classes without fail.

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5. Share engaging content:

What you share on live streaming has a massive role to play in driving the audience towards your website. Whatever content you share with your audience must have value. Your audience should have the feeling that they are actually learning something and that is helping them to make their lives better.

6. Provide value:

You can welcome your new members and share with them the advantages of becoming a part of your platform. You can also encourage your users to share your queries with you and connect with the other members of the community.


So, these were some of the best ways by which you can use live streaming to drive the audience towards your website. If you can think of any other way, do let us know of it and we will be happy to share it with our audience.

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