Learnmate LifterLMS Knowledge Base

Getting Started 7

How to Install Reign Theme

How to install child theme

How I can get child theme

Which plugins are mandatory for Reign

Who should use REIGN theme?

REIGN Demo Data Installation

Can I Log In To Buddypress Site?

Topbar FAQ 3

How to configure default TopBar

Configure Topbar with Elementor

How to change separator of topbar?

WP Media Category 5

WordPress Media Category Introduction

Features HighLights

How to install the plugin

How to Add media category

Getting Started With WordPress Media Category

Header Styling 13

Configure Header Layout

Configure Header Menu Color & Font Style

Configure Sub Menu Style

Configure Sticky Menu

Add Logo at Header

Configure Menu

Configure Sub Header

Single cart icon

Setup Header with product search

Display register and login icon at header

Default header styling

Configure header with Elementor

How Do I Remove The WordPress Bar At The Top Of The Page When Members Login On BuddyPress?

Theme Styling 11

Configure Color Scheme

Set Background Image

Blog Styling

Configure the style of website single pages

Configure Widgets

Homepage Settings

WordPress Login Screen

Additional CSS

How to set Favicon, Site Title and Tagline for the website?

Change Typography

Layout Settings

Learnmate LifterLMS Configuration 7

General Settings

Related Course Settings

LifterLMS BuddyPress integration

Style Course Archive Page

Style Single Course Page

Style Membership Listing Page

Style Single Membership page

Lifterlms FAQ 15

General Settings

Global Course Settings

Membership Settings

Account Settings

Checkout Settings

Engagements Settings

Notification Settings

Integration Setting

Add New Course

Course Builder

How To Create a Certificate

How to Create an Achievement

How do I reorder lessons or sections inside a course?

How to access a quiz review system in LifterLMS

How to change the default country/currency in LifterLMS

Additional Settings 3

Creating custom login, register and 404 pages

Where to write custom codes

Member and Group Widget

LearnMate LifterLMS Developer Docs 3

Which template files are overridden with LifterLMS Solution?

Filters for Learnmate LifterLMS

Available Shortcodes for LifterLMS Solution

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