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How To View All To-Dos?

You can see all your todos from your profile only. It will include the following details:

How To View All To-Dos?

  • Serial No.: This will show the serial number of each task created.
  • Task: This will show the Title of the task created.
  • Due Date: This will show the due date of the task created.
  • Action: There are 3 options in Actions:
    • Remove: If ever a user wants to remove a task, he can easily remove it using this option.
    • Edit: By clicking on Edit, users will be taken to a Edit window where they can easily edit the task created and update it.
    • Complete: Complete Action will let a user mark his task as complete. As soon as the user completes the task, he can select the Mark Complete action.

Last Update: June 30, 2020  

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