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The whole ‘Promoting your business’ thing has been served right on your platter; thanks to WordPress. All major social sharing platforms are undoubtedly crucial for your site’s growth and engagement. Instagram is a visually aimed platform that entails gaining followers to let people know about your site’s end product/service. The WordPress repository has plugins for this purpose as well so that you can display images of your Instagram feed. Here, we list the list of best Instagram plugin for WordPress:

Instagram Feed Plugin

the-Instagram-feed plugin

This easy to use plugin displays a non-private Instagram account’s Instagram photos. This easily configurable and customizable plugin is completely responsive on all devices. It offers beautifully designed clean displays and users can display their photos in the same single or multiple different feeds. The plugin also allows users to add shortcodes to insert feeds directly into posts or pages.

Features of Instagram Feed plugin:

  • Users can customize the width, height, number of photos, the number of columns, image size, background color, image spacing, etc.
  • Add Custom CSS and JavaScript for more customizations
  • Your Instagram feed can display a thumbnail, medium or full-size
  • ‘Load More’ button
  • ‘Follow on Instagram’ button Display a beautiful header at the top of your feed.

Custom Instagram Feed Plugin

custom-instagram-feed plugin

With a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating, this Plugin lets users display responsive and customizable Instagram photos. The plugin offers various layouts that synchronize seamlessly with the user’s Instagram feed just to rightly blend in with the site’s design.

The features of the plugin are as follows:

  • ‘Follow us on Instagram’ button
  • Many Shortcodes
  • Customer support.
  • Display photos from multiple Instagram account in a single feed
  • Premium version offers lightbox, shows and plays videos
  • Users can import photos by hashtag with the premium version.
  • Configure captions
  • ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ icon
  • Share feed items, both on Instagram and other social platforms

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WP Instagram Widget


WP Instagram widget is very simple to set- up and use the plugin. It allows users to showcase their latest Instagram pics through their site. The good thing about this widget is its non-requirement of any login details or sign in via oAuth. The widget provides filters to adjust cache timings. Users can simply import Instagram images and they are good to go. Users are also allowed to style the widget as per their taste and style.

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer


This Instagram feed WordPress lets you backup your Instagram photos to your WordPress site. Users can also display their Instagram archive and control the imported posts formatting. Its features include:

  • Built-in support for WordPress custom post-types, custom taxonomies, post-formats
  • Import photos from a specific date
  • Import by hashtag
  • Display images in a sidebar with multiples styles to allow for customization
  • Easy to use
  • Includes Lightbox

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Instagram Slider Widget


You will not be required to set up API access in order to use this Widget. Offering a limited slider/grid layout, this responsive widget displays 12 latest images from a public Instagram user or up to 18 images from a hashtag. It has the following features:

  • Post/Page loading is faster because the widget stores the thumbnails locally.
  • Option to set time intervals to check for new posts on Instagram.
  • Images from Instagram are imported as WordPress attachments
  • Link images to user profile, image URL, locally saved image, attachment URL, custom URL or none
  • Sort images randomly, Popularity, Date.

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We have tried to cover the best Instagram feed plugins in this list. We sincerely hope that by the end of this post, you have found the one you were looking for. For questions and feedback, kindly leave a comment below.