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The versatility and scalability of WordPress make it the choice of 35 percent of the world’s sites for its management. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is totally open-source, which contributes to its acceptance across platforms and businesses. From non-profit organizations to big universities, from large publication firms to global corporations, WordPress has become the CMS of choice for their websites. This large-scale usage of WordPress has led to the spawning of profitable commercial ventures around this CMS. From web-hosting to providing security, to uploading current and updated themes and plugins to the WordPress Market, there are lots of opportunities for income from WordPress and related services.

WordPress Industry Survey 2022

This industry survey has the goal of providing an in-depth insight into the industry around the maintenance and development of WordPress. This burgeoning and expanding industry has its own set of challenges; the WordPress survey aims to understand them and devise strategies to drive these individual ventures ahead.

1. Factors contributing to Success:

The WordPress CMS takes comparatively lesser time to learn and is highly user-friendly. The Participants of the WordPress survey identified the following key drivers as their main reasons for selecting this CMS.

  • Easy to publish (71%)
  • Easy usage (67%)
  • The versatile and updated Plugins and Theme Market (59%)

WordPress Survey 20162. Technological Associates:

Of all the participants in the WordPress survey, 95% of the organizations have at least one technological partner, and 49% use more than five associates. This partnership with another individual, hosting service, or agency enables the organizations to stay in touch with the latest updates in the technological fields and receive support and tools incorporating these advancements into their organization. This partnership ultimately increases the overall efficiency of the company.

3. Active Community Participation:

This WordPress survey indicated that 62% of the total participants have been involved in WordCamp. This initiative is the voluntary support of the WordPress community towards this essentially free-to-use CMS. Around 56% of the total gave monetary donations, 26% of them sponsored a WordCamp event and 24% of them lectured at a WordCamp.

4. Present and Further Challenges:

The WordPress survey also identified the following key inhibitors towards the acceptance of WordPress in a more widespread platform. Despite WordPress’ current status as a very versatile and flexible CMS, these points of concern were identified to be the major areas of improvement.

  • Security concerns (47%), is an open-source CMS
  • Workflow is difficult, or lack of proper workflow (29%)
  • E-commerce support is inadequate (20%)

5. Demography of the Survey Participants

The total count of the participants was 303. Out of them, 29% were owners/partners of their own companies and 43% were software developers. 70% of the total participants in the WordPress survey worked in a company with 10 or fewer employee strengths, whereas 9% of them worked in larger organizations of 300 or more workers.

So, this WordPress survey provides certain pertinent insights into the support industry which makes this CMS so successful. This survey also chalks out the path to widen the reach and acceptance of WordPress by identifying its areas of improvement.

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