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  • Is this compatible with multisite?

Yes. This plugin is multisite compatible.

  • How to use activity shortcode?

 BuddyPress Activity Shortcode plugin allows you to embed BuddyPress activities in posts/pages using shortcodes. [activity-listing]

There are some more shortcodes with accepted parameters :

[activity-listing user_id=1]

[activity-listing per_page=10]

[activity-listing search_terms=’awesome’]

[activity-listing object=groups]

[activity-listing object=groups primary_id=2]


  •  What does member shortcodes do?

 When you will use member listing shortcode to any page or post then it will display A list of members.

Shortcode : [members-listing]

There are some more shortcode options available for use :

[members-listing user_id=1]

[members-listing per_page=10]

[members-listing search_terms=’awesome’]

[members-listing include_member_role=’subscriber,author’]


  • How to use group shortcodes?

If you will use groups shortcode to any page or post then it will Display a certain amount of groups.

Shortcode : [groups-listing]

Here are some more examples of how you can use groups shortcode

[groups-listing user_id=1]

[groups-listing per_page=10]

[groups-listing search_terms=’awesome’]

[groups-listing exclude=’47,50′]

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2 thoughts on “FAQ Shortcodes for BuddyPress

  1. In a page, I ve an introductory paragraph and then the shortcode, but on the front-end, the groups displayed by the shortcode always appear first. I would like to display them after the paragraph as written on the page editor.

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