June 26, 2017

BuddyPress Lock – Private Community

All BuddyPress Member Profiles are public and can be indexed by Google by default. Hence, if you want that BuddyPress Components on your site can be viewed only by users that are logged in on your site, BuddyPress Lock – Private Community offers a lockdown that keeps the profiles or any other protected details on your BuddyPress site secure from users that are not logged in.
June 20, 2017
Shortcodes BuddyPress,shortcodes for buddypress,BBuddyPress shortcodes

Shortcodes for BuddyPress

Shortcodes are specific codes that let you embed files or create objects on your site. The Shortcodes for BuddyPress plugin eliminates lengthy codes and allows you to build your own social network by simple drag and drop functionality at anywhere on your BuddyPress powered website.
June 20, 2017

BuddyPress User Todo List

Todo lists on individual member profiles are one of the most effective engagement tools that can be used on social networks. The easy to configure BuddyPress User Todo List plugin allows you to have private to do lists for each user, all users to share a to-do list or to even have a master list with individual completion of items.
June 20, 2017

BuddyPress Job Manager

If you are looking to elaborate your job portal community, and introduce new tabs in the employer’s as well as the candidate’s profiles, the BuddyPress Job Manager is the ideal choice for your BuddyPress site as this plugin incorporates BuddyPress with the WP Job Manager plugin and lets you place specific tags as and where you need.
May 16, 2017

BuddyPress Group Reviews

The BuddyPress Group Reviews is an essential plugin for communities that thrive on group interactions and member reviews. It enables all BuddyPress members to add reviews for groups on your social network. Not only this but it also allows members to give multi-rating as per the given criteria(s).
May 16, 2017

BuddyPress Member Reviews

An effective engagement tool for your users, the BuddyPress Member Reviews plugin is ideal for sites that want to allow their site members to post reviews to the other BuddyPress members on their site. Only the site members can add these reviews. Moreover, the member can not review himself which makes it the perfect choice for job portals and LMS.
April 26, 2017

BuddyPress Check-ins

Let the users on your BuddyPress site feel more connected to each other by giving them an option to share their location whenever they want to while posting activities with the simple BuddyPress Check-Ins. This plugin also enables your users to add places they visit through a map and find nearby locations based on Google places just like Facebook and Instagram.
April 26, 2017

BuddyPress Activity Filter

Give users on your BuddyPress site the option to filter activities that appear on their profile with the simple BuddyPress Activity Filter. Easy to use, the plugin helps you to set certain default filter options with BuddyPress Activity and then provide these options to your users to choose from as they need. You can also remove activity types from activities if you don’t want them.
April 19, 2017

BuddyPress Favourite Notification

Increase engagement on our BuddyPress site by allowing users to know when their posts or activities are being marked favorite by other users on your BuddyPress site with the help of the effective BuddyPress Favorite Notification plugin that notifies users by sending them a dedicated notification for favorites.
April 15, 2017

Buddypress Create Group Type

Make your BuddyPress site even more versatile with the easy to use and helpful BuddyPress Create Group Type plugin that helps you to decide and add categories or group types as the admin for the groups on your BuddyPress site. This is useful not only to segregate different groups but also makes it easier for the users to search for them using filters.