BuddyPress Auto Friends

BuddyPress Auto Friends

The new BuddyPress Automatic Friends plugins makes your new users feel a little more at home upon signing up to your community. It automatically creates and accepts friendships for specific users upon new user registration.
Current version: v1.6.1
Tested Up To: BuddyPress v10.2.0 Update : 14th Oct 2021

Packed with Features

Automatically create and accept friendships for specific users upon new user registration, Use BuddyPress Auto Friend.

Global Friend List

Create a global friend list for newly joined members.

Befriend All

Click the Befriend button to add the member as a friend for existing members.

Community Engagement

Getting new people connected right away will help to keep your community growing

Key Features of the Plugin

If you are starting an online community with BuddyPress and want some common friends to be added to the friend list of your members, BuddyPress Auto friends are the perfect option for you.

Increase the community engagement

This plugin allows Global friendship list to automate adding a list of users for the newly registered user.

Simple Pricing

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Single License

Perfect for new portals just starting out


Developer License

Perfect for new portals just starting out


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Frequently Asked Questions

BuddyPress Auto Friends requires BuddyPress to be installed and activated on your site. It is also fully compatible with BuddyBoss Platform Plugin and BuddyBoss theme as well.

Yes, BuddyPress auto friends offers back end options to add friend for each global list members and you can easily add them as common friends of existing members.

Your plugin purchase comes backed by our service. We work hard to continually add new features, important security updates, and provide customer support.

When you buy BuddyPress Sticky Post, you can choose whether to purchase an annual or lifetime license:
  • The annual subscription ensures we can continue improving the plugin and supporting you long-term. You’ll be charged automatically once a year, and we’ll remind you before this happens. You can, of course, cancel any time. If your license expires, you can keep using the plugin but won’t receive any more support or updates.
  • The lifetime license will be valid forever and will never expire or need renewing.
This gives you a choice of whether to pay a smaller amount each year or make a one-off payment for life. Our service and commitment to you are the same either way.

Talking in terms of functionality, both versions offer the same features. It’s about usage policy.

  • Single license allows you to use plugin or theme at a single domain and developer license allows you to use plugin or theme at multiple domains. Support will be limited to buyers only.

No problem. Please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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