Theme Sub Header Configuration

We have inbuilt functionality to display subheader and breadcrumb for all CPT’s and their archive pages

You will find the corresponding option at:

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Sub Header

You can adjust the height, color, text, and link color of the content displayed on the subheader. It comes with a default subheader image that can be updated for each custom post type.

  1. Sub Header Height (px): This allows you to set the height of the subheader in pixels.
  2. Header Image Background Color – This allows you to set the background color of the header image section. Note that this will only reflect if there is no image.
  3. Header Image Overlay Color – This allows you to set the image overlay color.
  4. Header Image Text Color – This allows you to set the text color of the header image section.
  5. Enable Header Image – Allows you to enable/disable subheader image at single post type pages.
  6. Sub Header Image – This allows you to select page header images for a single custom post type page.
  7. Switch Header Image With Featured Image – This will show post featured image on top header section at single post page and featured image will be removed from post content.
  8. Enable Breadcrumb – This allows you to enable or disable the breadcrumb.
  9. Hide/Show Global Subheader – This allows you to enable/disable page sub-header globally, at single CPT.