How To Customize Typography

You can find the Typography options at

Customizing >> General >>Typography

Each Font Options have the following variations

  1. Font Family
  2. Variant
  3. Font Size
  4. Line Height
  5. Letter Spacing
  6. Text Align
  7. Text Transform

You can select which font Awesome library you are willing to use with the website
1- Font Awesome v4.7
2- Font Awesome v5.0
3- Combination of Font Awesome v4.7+ v5.0

Our typography options allow setting fonts for

  1. Body
  2. Heading 1
  3. Heading 2
  4. Heading 3
  5. Heading 4
  6. Heading 5
  7. Heading 6
  8. wp-block-quote

Header Font Options
Customizing >> Desktop Header

  1. Main Menu Font
  2. Sub Menu Font

We have two mobile menus left and right, you can use both of them one as primary and second for BuddyPress menus or WooCommerce Cart, Easy Digital Downloads Cart, or for regular WordPress menus.

Mobile Panel Font Options
Customizing >> Left Mobile Panel >>Styles – Font
Customizing >> Right Mobile Panel >>Styles – Font