How Learndash works with BuddyPress Group?

Admin can easily set this from the reign LearnDash addon settings. Go to Dashboard > Reign settings > LearnDash > LearnDash BuddyPress integration. Enable this setting to integrate BuddyPress group  with LearnDash.

On enable this setting, you will see various options related to this setting:

  • Course Enrollment Activity:  Enable/disable course enrollment activity for the users.
  • Course Completion Activity: Enable/disable course completion activity for the users.
  • Lesson Completion Activity: Enable/disable lesson completion activity for the users.
  • Topic Completion Activity:    Enable/disable topic completion activity for the users.
  • Quiz Passed Activity:   Enable/disable quiz passed activity for the users.
  • Comment Single Course Activity:  Enable/disable comment single course activity for the users.
  • Comment Single Lesson Activity:  Enable/disable comment single lesson activity for the users.

Now Create the group and then go to course edit. Attach the group in this course and then click on update button. Now your course is attached with created group. If any user will enroll in this course then he will automatically join with attached buddypress group. All course related activity will be listed on group activity feed page.

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