How to Create an Achievement

Appreciate at every step of achievement by congratulation and offering them an achievement.



You can create a certificate by following the below steps:

Step 1: navigating through

Dashboard >> Engagements >> Achievement >> Add Achievement


achievement 1 - Wbcom Designs


Step 2: Add the title, content and the image of the achievement at appropriate places.


achievenement settings - Wbcom Designs


Step 3: Publish the achievement.

Now, move forward to create engagement. To create an engagement follow below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Dashboard >> Engagements >> Add Engagement


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Alternatively, directly from the Add Engagement menu under engagements.


engagement - Wbcom Designs


Step 2: Enter the engagement title.


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step 3: Scroll down to the Engagement Options and enter the relevant information. You will have the following options:

  • Triggering Event – Allows you to select the event when the certificate will be issued. (eg on course or quiz completion).
  • Engagement Type – Allows you to select the type of engagement. i.e. achievement, certificate or email. Here, you can select an achievement as we are creating an achievement.
  • Select an engagement – Allows you to select a relevant certificate.
  • Engagement Delay – Enter the number of days to wait before triggering this engagement. Enter 0 or leave blank to trigger immediately.


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Student can view their certificates on their dashboard.


achievement - Wbcom Designs