How Do I Make WooCommerce Handle Payment And Registration For LearnDash Courses?

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There is an AddOn available to handle the payment and registration of the LearnDash.

WooCommerce AddOn for Learndash

This add-on allows you to sell your LearnDash created courses with the WooCommerce shopping cart.

Add-On Features #

Easily map courses:  When creating a product in WooCommerce, simply select the courses you want to associate to the product.

Associate one, or multiple courses:  Supports one or multiple courses being mapped to a product which allows you to create course bundles.

Works with any payment gateway:  Choose any payment gateway offered by WooCommerce and your customers will be enrolled into the course after successful payment.

Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions:  Charge customers a recurring fee for course access.

Automatic course access removal:  Removes users from courses when refunded or canceling a subscription.


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