How to Add Co-author in a Course?

It is not possible for an instructor to manage the course him self all the time. Some times this requirement arise that he needs a coauthor to manage the course or we can say that he want to assign some  module of the courses to another instructor to release the burden.Keeping this important requirement in mind, LearnDash Dashboard Plugin provides a feature to add a co-author in the course.To add a co-author in a single course follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to WB Plugins > Ld dashboard > Courses> Edit Course > Add More Instructor
  2. Select the instructor
  3. Click the Add Instructor button
  4. You can also Search the instructor’s name from the search box.


Learndash multi instructor course
Learndash multi instructor course

Note :  These assigned instructor’s can later be unassigned from the course using the same method.

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