How to configure the BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration Backend settings?

This plugin allows you to manage your order directly from your profile page. It will create Woo-Commerce tabs on the user’s profile page.  Admin will have the option to enable/disable the Woo-Commerce tabs as per choice to show on the profile page. 

Navigate to Dashboard >> WB plugins >> BuddyWoo Integration Settings
Here you will find the generals settings, label settings, and activity settings of the plugin:

General Setting – Allows admin to enable/disable shop tabs and other WooCommerce tabs to be visible on the front-end at member’s profile. 

Label Settings
– These settings allow Admin to change the label and slug of all the tabs which includes shop tabs and other WooCommerce tabs which are order, order tracking, downloads, my review, and address tab

Activity Setting: This setting allows the admin to enable/disable the product activity and review activity settings. By default these settings are enabled which means when the user will create a product or review a product, then the activity will be generated. If Admin doesn’t want to generate the activity then he can simply check this box to disable the settings.

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