Give me an overview of frontend tabs

This plugin provides you with various tabs on the member’s profile.

Tabs which display on the store vendor profile:
1. Shop tab
2. Store tab
3. My products tab
4. Favorite product tab

Tabs which tabs on the customer profile:
1. Shop tab
2. Become a vendor tab
3. Favorite product tab

Shop tab: Shop tab displays all the list of products on the profile page so that users can buy the product from their profile itself. This tab is common for both vendors and customers. This tab provides the five subtabs:

  • Downloads
  • Addresses
  • My reviews

My products tab: This tab displays all the product which are created by the vendor.

Favorite product tab: This tab is common for both vendors and customers. All the Products which are marked as favorite will display here.

Become a vendor tab: This tab displays the vendor’s form to become a vendor.

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