Logged-In user settings

You can lock Buddypress activities according to a user role, user, and member type for logged-in users. You can also remove the Admin roles and selected users from the member directory and also enable profile visibility settings at the front end. The plugin provides the following settings for logged-in users :
1. Remove admin roles from members directory
2. Remove users from the member directory list
3. Enable profile visibility settings at the front end
4. Lock BuddyPress activities
Restrictions on members listing 
The plugin provides three different settings to restrict users from being listed on the BuddyPress members directory page. The first setting is to enable/disable [ Remove admin roles from the member’s directory]. If site admin enables this setting then administrators roles will not be listed on the BuddyPress member directory page.
The second setting is  [ Remove users from member directory list ] to let site admin select specific users from being listed in the member’s directory.
Profile Visibility Settings
The plugin provides [ Profile Visibility Settings ] using which the site admin can enable/disable profile visibility settings for members. If this setting is enabled member will get the option to set his/her profile visibility to Everyone/Only Me/All Members/Friends under BuddyPress > Settings > Profile Visibility settings. If a member sets profile visibility to Friends then only Friends will be able to access all profile pages of the member, the rest of the members will get a message that they are not allowed to access the member page.
BuddyPress Activities Lock
The plugin provides setting [ Lock BuddyPress activities ] to lock BuddyPress activities Private Message, Public Message, Friendship Requests, Activity Post and Commenting on user roles or specific users. Admin can select only one of the two options Users or User roles to implement the functionality. If this setting is enabled, the admin will get an option to select from the above activity to lock. Admin cans select one or more activities to lock for one or more users or user roles. The setting is implemented either on user roles or specific users.
Suppose if the site admin locks Commenting activity according to user roles ‘subscribers’, then all subscribers will not be able to comment on BuddyPress activity or group posts.