How to set up the backend settings?

Navigate to BuddyPress Polls from WordPress Dashboard admin menu.
Click on General Tab for BP Polls Settings.
  • Multi-Select Polls: Enable multi-select polls to allow users to cast more than one vote in each poll. If this option is disabled, users can only cast vote for only one option in each poll.
  • Hide Results: If Hide Results option is enabled, results will be hidden from the users who have not voted yet. If disabled, the voting result will be visible to users who have not voted yet.
  • Poll Closing Date & Time: If enabled, users can set poll closing date & time. If disabled, users can vote anytime, polls will always remain open for voting.
  • Enable Image Attachment : Enable this option if you want to allow users to attach images with poll activity.
  • Limited poll activities– Select the limit by user role or member type to publish poll type activities.