How to configure the plugin settings?

Admin can set up the plugin settings from the backend. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard >> WB plugins >> Buddypress profile pro. Here you can see the general settings, group settings, and field settings.

General settings in Resume Manager Includes: #

  • Google API key: This API Key will help to fetch the google places while setting a place for work and education.
  • Enable profile fields visibility settings: Enable this option if you want users to change their profile fields visibility setting.
  • Change tab name: Allow you to change the tab name of profile fields. This will change the tab name as well as the tab slug.










Group settings: #

  • Creating Complete new field groups to keep information.
    Field Group will have the name, description, visibility option in profile, option to make the field group repeater, and privacy through user role or member type.

Field settings: #

  • Creating a Field
    Next up the option to create a profile field and option to assign group, visibility, required, and make a field as a repeater field option.

Profile search:
Enable this option if you want to display the member search form on the member directory.

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