How to Configure BuddyPress Giphy Plugin?

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can access its setting by navigating to WB Plugins > BuddyPress Giphy.

click on BuddyPress Giphy and access the configuration panel.

You will find the following settings:

  • Giphy API Key: Insert the giphy API key here.
  • Number of GIF load: Limit the loading of GIF’s in the GIF section.
  • Max Content Rating: Content rating or Maturity Rating is something that rates the suitability of GIF to your audience.
  • Giphy Rendition: Using this setting you can manage the features of rendered gif’s. For example Gif’s width size etc.
  • Profiles: If this box is enabled site members can post GIF’s by their profile
  • Groups: If this setting is enabled site members can post the GIF in the group activity.

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