How to create and add Google Place API Key?

Due to changes in Google Maps API, it’s required to use an API key for the BuddyPress Check-ins plugin to work properly. You can get the API key here.
Get an API Key from the Google API Console- 
Click the button below, which guides you through the process of registering a project in the Google API Console, activates the Google Maps JavaScript API and any related services automatically, and generates a generic, unrestricted API key.
Tip: During development and testing, you can register a project for testing purposes in the Google API Console and use a generic, unrestricted API key. When you are ready to move your app or website into production, register a separate project for production, create a browser-restricted API key, and add the key to your application.
Premium Plan customers: For production-ready apps, you must use a browser-restricted API key that is set up in the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan project created for you when you purchased the Premium Plan. Alternatively, you can use a client ID in combination with URL registration (instead of an API key).
For more information, see the detailed guides below for Standard Plan and Premium Plan customers.