= 1.3.1 =
* Fixed: Fixed bulk delete issue
* Fixed: Removed Extra closed div
* Enhancement: Added Default option for color setting
* Fixed: Fixed shortcode page UI issue
* Fixed: fixed shortcode UI and button dynamic color option
* Enhancement: Added class according to the selected position
* Fixed: Fix cash on delivery icon display issue
* Fixed: Fix notice display issue on selection on use Pincode
* Fixed: Managed Mobile view
* Fixed: (#54) manage the Pincode UI
* Enhancement: Added shortcode note when selecting shortcode
* Enhancement: Added Admin setting for display COD option
* Enhancement: Added Change Label Functionality
* Enhancement: Added Shortcode Functionality
* Enhancement: Added Pincode availability position
* Enhancement: Added Exclude Category Functionality for Pincode checker
* Enhancement: Added Sample CSV download option in FAQ
Allows the site admin to add the pin code availability feature on their sites with woo pin code checker plugin.

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