Reign Theme v7.5.2

= 7.5.2 =
* Enhancement: Improved mobile tooltip visibility for WooCommerce tabs (#1302).
* Enhancement: Enhanced the masonry view for blog posts for better content presentation (#1306).
* Enhancement: Updated the product categories widget UI to improve clarity and usability (#1302).
* Update: Refined default input and button padding and height for consistency across the site.
* Update: Upgraded WooCommerce widgets UI for enhanced functionality and aesthetics (#1302).
* Enhancement: Introduced new checkout page layouts to offer more customization options (#1302).
* Enhancement: Added new card page layouts to enhance user engagement and visual appeal (#1302).
* Enhancement: Introduced new layouts for the ‘Update My Account’ page, providing a more user-friendly experience (#1302).
* Update: Updated the default layout for the ‘My Account’ page to improve user navigation and interface coherence (#1302).
* Update: Standardized global border and button radius settings to maintain a consistent design language.
* Enhancement: Revamped the single product review section to provide a more intuitive user experience (#1302).
* Enhancement: Added a reviews summary section on single product pages to aid purchasing decisions (#1302).
* Enhancement: Launched a new single product layout (Layout 2) to provide alternative viewing options (#1302).
* Update: Updated the UI for the default and first layout of single products to align with modern design standards (#1302).
* Enhancement: Introduced a new gallery slider for single products, with options for vertical or horizontal orientation (#1302).
* Enhancement: Added a product listing column switcher to allow users to customize their view dynamically (#1302).
* Fix: Corrected the Dokan sidebar class in the sidebar width setting to ensure proper alignment and functionality (#1302).
* Enhancement: Introduced additional shop layouts (Layouts 3 and 4) to provide more options for storefront customization (#1302).
* Update: Enhanced the UI for the default and first layout of the shop archive to improve aesthetic appeal and user interaction (#1302).

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