Reign Theme v6.5.0

= 6.5.0 =
* New Feature: Reactions for BuddyPress
* New Feature: Reactions to the blog post
* New Feature: Share posts and reshare activities
* New Feature: New updated UI for BuddyPress activity loop
* Fixed: Managed peepso bbpress replies created tab UI
* Fix: (#995) Hide wcfm fav avatar listing and reshare count
* Fix: Managed peepso woocommerce buttons UI
* Fix: Fixed-mobile menu issue with TutorLMS plugin

With BuddyPress, you can build a social network for your company, school, sports team, or niche community.
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5 thoughts on “Reign Theme v6.5.0

  1. Hi, version 6.5 has excellent new features that were missing from the Activity stream and work beautifully! I am delighted with the look and functionality. Great work!


      1. By the way, it seems that my long-standing issue regarding Check-Ins in that the previous history of check-ins displayed in the profile wouldn’t format properly and had a non-functioning trash icon has been resolved. This was either via the support ticket or something in 6.5 but nonetheless it works! However, is it intended when posting on the Activity timeline that even though I haven’t clicked the map icon to post my location, the Post includes a map and says I have Checked-in along with whatever was the intended post text! I have deactivated the plugin as this would be infuriating to a user but would be interested on your thoughts. Thanks Varun

          1. Hi Varun, I thought I would comment here on the latest release of Check-Ins 1.9.5 before I raise a ticket and hopefully you can replicate what is happening on my website. The update has fixed the unable to comment issue but another seems to have crept in! When the Check-In icon is clicked, my current location map opens as expected but the box to type a location has no focus and the ‘Add as my location’ check box is missing. Your thoughts are appreciated. Regards Russell

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