Reign Theme v4.6.0

= 4.6.0 =
* Fix: (#721) Managed peepso profile badges tab UI
* Fix: Added geo directory places icon
* Fix: (#692) Managed vertical navigation tabs hover
* Fix: (#693, #694, #697, #698, #699) Managed peepso pages dark mode UI
* Fix: (#704) Managed activity post form textarea dark mode UI
* Fix: (#714) Managed profile dropdown link color
* Fix: (#714) Managed header layout 4 navigation background color set
* Fix: (#718) Manage cart tab UI with PeepSo Monetization: WooCommerce
* Fix: (#710) Managed postbox icon and progress bar color as per theme color
* Fix: (#715) Managed text is not readable on vendor listing page
* Fix: (#709) Managed peepso Learndash monetization course tab UI
* Fix: Update about field static checkbox listing UI
* Fix: Managed peepso activity content link color
* Fix: Update peepso single member tab style
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