Reign Theme v4.5.0

= 4.5.0 =
* Fix: (#682, #684) Fixed archive page sidebar issue
* Fix: (#686) Managed create group invites members UI with bb platform
* Fix: Update sub header label
* Fix: Add dependency to show sub header image
* Fix: (#682) Managed sub header global, archive, single post settings
* Fix: Fixed Shiftnav issue when login designer page design from customizer
* Fix: (#616) Managed peepso 3.0.0 pages UI
* Fix: (#688) Managed peepso pages UI
* Fix: (#688) Managed both sidebar width
* Fix: (#688) Managed peepso single group page setting tab style
* Fix: Added Video, Audio and Quotes Post format template for Post
* Fix: Fixed Issue with gutenderg
* Fix: Add Post Link and Post Gallery option in admin side
* Fix: Fixed #668 - unable to edit activity
* Fix: (#668) Managed edit activity with bb platform
* Fix: Add Plus icon to upload Video and Audio file  and add Post link and Gallery page template
* Fix: set Post Link Format
* Enhancement: - Added Post Audio Format
* Enhancement: - Added Post Quote format
* Enhancement: - Added gallery post format
* Enhancement: - Added Video Post format
* Enhancement: - (#672) Added audio post format
* Enhancement: - (#672) Added quote post format
* Enhancement: - (#672) Added link post format
* Fix: Fixed LearnDash course archive page relayed fixed in left side function
* Fix: Removed unwanted code from woocommerce.scss
* Fix: (#668) Update edit activity with bb platform, fixed error with buddypress
* Fix: (#672) Update audio post format UI with soundcloud
* Fix: (#676, #677) Update groups list view with bb platform and update groups icon.

Post Format Support

PeepSo 3 Compatibility

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