Reign Theme v2.9.2

Reign Theme v2.9.2

* Fix: (#381) WP Adverts integration create button style managed.
* Enhancement: (#382) Added support for peepso addons and default sidebar & widget.
* Fix: (#384) peepso Lifterlms Tab UI style managed.
* Fix: (#387) peepso about page cancel save button style updated.
* Fix: (#388) Peepso profile UI and text domain error.
* Fix: (#390) Fixed hovercard image issue.
* Fix: (#392) rtMedia – edit media fields style managed.
* Fix: (#393) WooCommerce cart template file version updated.
* Fix: (#398) Reduce Submenus height.
* Fix: (#399) Notification popup overlaps with submenus managed.
* Enhancement: (#401) Added SVG File type support.

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