= 2.9.1 =

* Enhancement: changed default sub header background image
* Enhancement: site container width layout updated
* Fix: (#351) member directory layout 2 action button style updated
* Fix: (#352) reduce font size member group review
* Fix: (#353) group directory layout 2,3 group-admins alignment managed
* Fix: Peepso multivendor plugin template override.
* Fix: Override peepso lifterlms template file.
* Fix: Fixed peepso wpforo main tab active issue.
* Fix: changed default sub header image
* Fix: fixed sticky sidebar issue on shop page.
* Fix: (#354) groups page groups navigation style managed
* Fix: Override woocommerce page.
* Fix: Added PeepSo WooCommerce plugin compatibility.
* Fix: removed glass icon from activity action buttons
* Fix: nouveau activity meta flag button style updated
* Fix: (#365) BuddyPress Nouveau create group page style updated
* Fix: (#357) Reign site wide activity widgets style managed
* Fix: (#368) Activity media photo list style updated
* Fix: (#358) news widget title updated
* Fix: (#287) – Glitch while activity update and cancel action.
* Fix: #287 – Glitch while activity update and cancel action.
* Fix: (#350) – Backend reign save settings doesn’t work if social media
* Fix: (#356) – Reign site wide activity widgets
* Fix: (#359) – Reign Settings : BuddyPress Settings
* Fix: (#364) – reign site wide activity widgets actions not working
* Fix: #346 – Errors and Warnings
* Fix: #377 – Bp legacy group manage members page notice.
* Enhancement: gutenberg scss file added
* Enhancement: (#379) Blog – Grid view columns style managed
* Enhancement: (#374) Woo shop page, ‘Read More’ button style managed

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