Reign Theme v2.5.0

= 2.5.0 =
* Enhancement: Added dedicated support for PeepSo
* Fix: (#255) Remove right sidebar from woocommerce cart and checkout page.
* Enhancement: (#254) WooCommerce cart and checkout page designs managed.
* Enhancement: (#256) Woocommerce checkout page breadcrumbs
* Enhancement: (#257) WooCommerce Order Complete Mobile View Style Managed
* Enhancement: (#257) WooCommerce Sub Order Mobile View Style Managed
* Enhancement: (#259) woo my account page user avatar
* Enhancement: (#259) Woocommerce My Account Page Style Managed
* Enhancement: (#262) WooCommerce Booking Plugin Datepicker UI Style Managed
* Enhancement: (#261) Woocommerce Product Single Page Style Updated
* Enhancement: (#259) Woocommerce My Account Order Tab Mobile View Managed

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