Reign Theme v2.2.0

= 2.2.0 =

  • Enhancement: (#119) badges support added
  • Enhancement: (#120) pending invites style managed
  • Enhancement: Added filter for group type direct layout.
  • Fix: Group header link color manged
  • Fix: (#109) more menu sub menu style updated
  • Enhancement: ()#98) gutenberg support added
  • Enhancement: (#100) reign page header file updated
  • Enhancement: (#99) woocommerce product category page showing sidebar
  • Fix: toggle icon style updated
  • Fix: reign legacy subnav current a color style updated
  • Fix: member home & group home widgets in two column layout managed
  • Fix: messages content star unstar style managed
  • Fix: group directory type 1 button style updated
  • Fix: elementor masthead style updated
  • Enhancement: customizer to make layout menu icon section available for elementor
  • Enhancement: group mods style managed
  • Enhancement: nouveau sidebar style updated
  • Enhancement: members order select style managed
  • Enhancement: BuddyPress follow member layout
  • Enhancement: Woocommerce tab panel h2 style updated
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