Reign LifterLMS Addon v1.9.3

= 1.9.3 =
*Fix: (#200) Error display on deactivating BuddyPress
*Fix: (#200) Issue on activating/deactivating BuddyPress
*Fix: (#208)Single button for activating and deactivating license key
*Fix: (#200) Changed text from LearnDash to LifterLMS
*Fix: (#200) Issue if BP is not activated
*Fix: (#207) Text domain error fixes
*Fix: (#207) Warnings
*Fix: (#205) Group component disable warning UI
*Fix: (#205) Group Component issue
*Fix: Set inactive only when the license key is deactivated
*Fix: (#206)Fixed issue in the course activity meta
*Fix: (#205)Fixed group component issue
Reign LifterLMS addon has been designed to enable you to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses in a distraction-free environment.
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