Reign LearnDash Addon

= 2.6.0 =
* Fix: Renamed theme check function to avoid possible conflict
* Fix: (#276) Managed course listing layout in user profile page
* Fix: License key section update add div
* Fix: Student count on single course page
* Fix: Display Multi Instructor info at Instructors Tabs
* Fix: Remove activity for lessons
* Fix: (#272) Fixed activities are not listing on group page for end users 
* Fix: (#268) Fixed notices on submitting the review 
* Fix: (#266) Fixed missing translation strings
* Fix: (#265) Update single course tab UI
* Fix: (#260) Update LD Course Overview Widget UI for legacy 
* Fix: (#260) Update LD Course Overview Widget UI 
* Fix: Wrap Div for Image Or Video
* Fix: #253 Submit Course Review
Reign learndash add-on comes with some essential and extensive features to make e-learning easier. Reign learndash add-on has been designed...

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