EDD Sell Services

= 3.0.0 =
* Fixed (#112) - Add service section is not showing for me on the front end
* Fixed (#104) - Managed Add Question Button UI
* Fixed Estimated Days issue
* Fixed Break frontend style
* Fixed Co-Author Send Message related email issue
* Fixed (#108) - Provide requirement section is showing for co-author
* Fixed (#89) - Typo mistake
* Fixed (#78) - rating formatting.
* Fixed (#105) - EDD FES related notices
* Fixed (#93) - Unable to assign users via frontend.
* Fixed (#106) - Change text ordered to order
* Fixed (#66) - Accept Final Delivery
* Fixed #107) - Restrict the user to fill null values in 'Auto Complete Service Order' Field
* Fixed #100) - Increase the review rating by 0.5 Multiplier
* Fixed #99) - accept final delivery radio button is not showing to the user
* Fixed (#97) Update Delivery Date Button Style
* Enhancement: Added Option to Send Order Conversation email to support agent
* Enhancement: Added option to complete order after a certain number of days.
If you want to start a service selling business online, EDD Sell Services is a smart solution for you as it allows selling services online right from your EDD store.

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