BuddyX Pro Theme v4.5.3

= 4.5.3 =
* Fix: Addressed Buddyx menu icons warning with PHP 8.3.0 (#639).
* Enhancement: Added notice for register popup in customizer settings (#638).
* Update: Improved register popup fields and applied necessary fixes (#638).
* Enhancement: Managed resend email button functionality with login popup (#637).
* Fix: Resolved issue with the Resend Email button (#637).
* Update: Refined the UI for single vendor header layout 3 (#634).
* Fix: Corrected pagination issue on bbPress forum pages (#636).
* Enhancement: Managed dark mode logo functionality to work with the default dark mode settings (#635).
* Enhancement: Applied theme color scheme compatibility with Dokan (#634).
* Enhancement: Updated single vendor header layouts UI to align with the latest Dokan version (#634).
* Update: Displayed featured images in search results for better visual content discovery (#631).
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