= 3.9.4 =
* Improvement: Update single group review alignment in header cover
* Improvement: Added review icons in the single profile review tab
* Improvement: (#483) Added wcfm support
* Improvement: (#482) Managed gamipress UI fixes
* Improvement: (#481) Managed tutorlms UI and dark mode fixes
* Improvement: (#481) Managed wc vendors UI and dark mode fixes
* Improvement: (#481) Managed learnpress UI, dark mode, and error fixes
* Improvement: (#481) Managed learndash UI and dark mode fixes
* Improvement: (#481) Managed dokan UI and dark mode fixes
* Fix: (#481) Removed warning single post comment
* Fix: (#481) Set user fallback menu when user menu is not set
* Improvement: (#481) Added header style 4
* Improvement: (#481) Update single blog post comment, footer links UI
* Improvement: (#481) Added related posts section in a single blog post
* Improvement: (#481) Update single post navigation UI
* Improvement: (#481) Managed gamipress data UI with activity, members, and widget area
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